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knowledge of the afterlife.

Life after Death By Pam McCagh

All My Books Were Written By Automatic Writing


Through a near-death experience, I was given the Gift of automatic writing.

I listen to the dead telling me their stories of their life and death experiences.

I have listened hundreds of their stories, and written 18 books and won four awards. 

And I am still writing today.

My Books Are Only Available From My Website To Certain People.


Life after death is one of the most talked-about subjects today.

Pam McCagh explains life after death in her books written by automatic writing.

Pam McCagh has been working with the other side for many years now and has a great

understanding of life after death.  


Written  By Automatic writing

Sleep Never Comes For Those That Did Not Reach The Other Side

Sleep Never Comes by Pam McCagh

Book Reviews

By the American Readers’ Awards

“Sleep Never Comes For Those That Did Not Reach The Other Side” is a novel that comprises of many short stories by Pam McCagh, a gifted medium who communicates with the other world through Automatic Writing. The stories are not like any other short stories out there; they are stories told by people who exist between the living world and the hereafter.

In this matter, sometimes I’m a believer that there is more to this life than the world we are living in. At other times, my belief is just that “When I’m dead, I’m dead.” But this book will inspire the readers more about life as a whole, not just about the afterlife. It is about the love of a man, woman, father, mother, son, daughter and people from all walks of life.

It is also about courage, regrets and everything that makes us human. Pam McCagh writes the stories according to what the spirits tell her, so her tone and style vary to capture the reader’s attention or to tell the stories in the best manner possible.

It is as though these stories are written by different people. There is also a nostalgic quality to the writing, mainly because the stories are from the past.

I can’t choose any story as my favorite, because I really do like them all. As far as I’m concerned, there is no story that is more interesting than others.

 Put your skeptical mind aside and read the book for the inspiration that it has to offer. Written by Pam McCagh–Short Story – Non Fiction




Can Butterflies Cry?

Can butterflies cry bookcover for Pam (3) (579x441)

Review Notice

Can Butterflies Cry?  Dictations from the Other Side” by Pam McCagh is a collection of stories delivered via automatic writing from ‘guides’ who “… come not to give you proof of life … but for you to give them life after life.” This collection of stories from McCagh’s spirit guides is written in the interest of releasing the spirits’ pain and giving them the peace they have needed. Along the way, the author acquaints us with the circumstances under which she realized and developed her gift and her journey in coming to terms with her ability to see and hear the spirits through which she receives her stories.

In a world full of skeptics and naysayers, this is suspect terrain; nevertheless, the pure selflessness and lack of guile with which McCagh approaches her calling is likely to be disarming for even the staunchest critics. Even if there were no such thing as a spirit guide in this weary, troubled world, these stories are hauntingly beautiful and touching simply for the messages and values they convey.

Whether or not we believe in voices from the ‘other side,’ “Can Butterflies Cry?” is an important reminder that we are all witnesses to the pain and sorrow our fellow human beings experience and that we each have a moral obligation to respond compassionately. Somewhere in this loosely woven tapestry we learn to appreciate the true significance of blue butterflies, button boxes, freshly pruned roses, messages in bottles, old photographs and the myriad ways in which signs are given.

McCagh is earnest and eager to share her gift.  The volume concludes with a series of testimonials regarding the authenticity of McCagh’s messages and the positive impact they have had on the lives of the recipients – on the lives of those left behind. “Can Butterflies Cry?” is a selfless and compassionate attempt to bring peace and happiness to a troubled world.  These stories are written in many voices, all received by an unassuming and grateful Pam McCagh – who honors the gift by sharing their life lessons with us all.



The Whispering Souls

Whispering Souls

This Book Was Written By Channeling


The stories told in The Whispering Souls are from departed ones made possible by author and medium Pam McCagh through her Automatic Writing. One aspect of the book that I love very much is Pam McCagh’ s personal journeys through her gift that she included, just like she did in her previous books, Sleep Never Comes: For Those That Did Not Reach The Other Side and Can Butterflies Cry?

In a way, readers can get to know Pam more and more through her books. In this sequel, Pam continues to tell her own stories along with the others, the spiritually psychedelic experiences with her guide Fred and other ethereal souls. The chapter, The Ways of Tomorrow, in my opinion, summarizes this perfectly. Her out-of-body experiences have important messages about life that we all could learn from and take as inspirations.

There is a story that is quite different from others – Please Can You Help Them? – as Pam herself admitted. Instead of being told a story to write, Pam has to aid some souls more than just through her writing gift. On the other hand, for those who are not familiar with the term Automatic Writing, chapters Molly and Automatic Writing

will enlighten you as well as telling the stories behind Pam’s blessed gift. The anecdotes from the other side, including Pam’s own, are special. Once you start, you can’t read just one. They are like medications; healing soul-starved people in a world that is precarious and lacks spiritual enlightenment nowadays. These stories offer hope, courage, love, and motivation. They nourish the soul.



Caretaker of Souls

Caretaker of Souls

I am the Soul the Seeker of Souls and I am their storyteller.

The seeker of souls and I take souls across every day. People come to me from all over the world and all walks of life to tell me their stories.

They tell me of their lives’ past memories; I have listened to hundreds of stories and written eleven books, all by automatic writing. Some of the stories will break your heart, some of them will stay with you forever and some you will want to let go.



Death Comes With No Choice

This Book Was Written By Channeling. By Award winning author Pam McCagh 

My latest book

         Reviewed By Mamta  Madhavan

Death Comes With No Choice by Pam McCagh gives readers a nuanced view of death and confirms its inevitable presence in our lives.

The author clears many doubts surrounding the myth of what happens after we die by exploring death in a way that helps readers to appreciate life in general.

Death and its facts have always been surrounded with a lot of arguments and controversies, but the author teaches us to look at it in a different light altogether and embrace what is inevitable. In this interesting book, the author exposes many myths surrounding death, angels, crossing over and much more with the help of the stories which have been told to her by the beautiful souls around her.

All the stories have been written by automatic writing, which also reveals the author’s ability to connect with the spirit world. Her spiritual powers make the stories genuine and effective.

The book connects us between the two spectrum’s and helps us to have a better understanding about life, death and consciousness. It is an assimilation of spirituality teemed with science whereby the author has made it easier for readers to comprehend the theme.

The stories help readers to have a better understanding of the larger picture and cosmic law.It is a fascinating book that raises your awareness surrounding death and it helps us look at the inevitable with a different perspective and with acceptance.




Memories From The Past

Memories from the Past

       This Book Was Written By Channeling This Book is Full of Beautiful Memories Of
Memories from the Past.

This is just one of the stories in this book. It’s about life; It’s about death and somewhere in between. Memories from the Past is about someone that gives up on life then finds a reason to live again.

My books have taught me to understand and to appreciate life,as well as to understand and respect death. I hope that there are many more stories to write.And I hope someone somewhere will find peace in one of their stories.

Reviewed by the American Readers’ This Is A Must Read Book! Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Oxford

Memories From The Past by Pam McCagh is a collection, a potpourri of short stories, random and not so random journeys with those that have not yet crossed over. Pam writes these stories as they are told to her,

Spiritually. They come to her quite unexpectedly, like the time she was talking to her son on the phone and had to put him on hold when a story quite literally popped into her head. The stories reveal people, real people, who recently passed away or who passed away a long time ago and were just waiting for something extraordinary to happen that would allow them to journey to the other side.

For example, the young mother who gave up her baby, knowing that she was dying. The mother returns as a spirit when the child is older and experiences the joy of realizing that in life her difficult decision was the right one. Pam believes that “no two people travel the same journey; and that the journey is how things were on earth. A journey until death calls.”

She has witnessed these stories as they were revealed to her and she hopes that by sharing them with others, she will, in effect, be helping others understand a bit better the world of the living and … the other side.

There are essentially two realms of existence: the realm of the living and . The other side. It’s a state of relativity and timelessness, a state which boggles the mind and few people can, or even attempt to comprehend. It makes one wonder, “Does time stand still?”

There is certainly a sense of disconnect between the two realms, and, as author, Pam McCagh, points out, “You have to have an open mind. In all things connected with the spirit world, there are so many different things happening.” This is an interesting and yet somewhat odd potpourri of short stories delving into the realm of life after death.



A Letter Of Hope

A Letter of Hope


A Letter Of Hope is about the beginning, the end and somewhere in between.A Letter Of Hope is about the future and the past.It is about hope; when you think you have nothing else to live for.

but most of all, it is a cry for help.It is about waiting and hoping. It is about letting go of life.But most of all, it is about death. And I am their storyteller.



A Place To Die



My eyes have started to close now and I know I am dying. My husband, David passed away eight years ago and I am tired.  My chest is hurting so much.I beg, please just a little bit longer.

I can see my David sitting there waiting for me on our favorite bench. Please help me.  Just one more step. I hear my Davey telling me to come on Susan, open your eyes; I have been waiting for you. He took hold of my hand as if he had never let it go. I heard David talking about the things he had done and the places he had been, as I slowly let go of life



A Lifetime Of Memories

Memories are all I have left. I have waited a long time and there is nothing more to lose.

All I have left is our memories.  The broach you gave me on our first wedding anniversary.  The postcard reminds me of the only day we spent a part.

The wedding spray I wore on our wedding day and the hat, do you remember the hat, my darling?  The little silver stamp container and the watch you gave me so I would never half to wind father’s clock up again; and of course the photograph. The yellow Rose is the first rose I planted after you passed away.  The second is the red rose I planted for you just a few days ago. But I swear there will never be a third one.  I will be with you soon my love.


The Shadow Children

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These are the children who wander through time.” They are the children of Time itself;they never grow up because if they did they would not be able to help the children who need them.”

The shadow children communicate with sick children. They play with them and talk to them through their minds, and when they know that it is time for the child to let go of this world, the shadow children are there with so much love and care to make their journey easy. And hold them when they are afraid at the end.  They make sure that no child is lonely when they take their last breath.”These children are the shadow Children. The children of tomorrow.




 Let’s Talk About Dying

Do We Relive Our Life has part of the souls, that never leaves its place of rebirth,’’ only part of the whole of time and all its existence of things that we can only dream of.  It is within a time frame of life that one cannot exist without the other. 

This and only this is thee time of all recognition.

Do we exist for existence only, or do we exist to completion of time itself?  Do our lives travel from time to time?  Or is it in existence that we know of.  Together thoughts of life and all it holds to bring life and death into one place.

 To accept the acceptable of all life’s consequences.  Then and only then, can we go forward into time itself.  You once asked me,’’ when does life begin?  Is it when we take our first breath.’’ but that is not so.’’ life’ begins with one single memory.

Do we go somewhere that we think we should go? No.’’ , I say unto thee’’, we go to a place where we will relive our memories of our life until our memories exist no more.

It is not complicated,’’ only when one makes it so.  We can return when we are called upon,’’ with no consequences of life and death. A spec of memory returns, to comfort’ and to confirm the meaning of death and all it has foretold

Do we exist for existence only? To accept the acceptance of all life’s consequences.  Then and only then, can we go forward into time itself.  Together thoughts of life and all it holds to bring life and death into one place.  To accept the acceptable of all

Love Never Dies


Not in Stock at The Moment

It is a gift that was given to me from the other side. I have written many books and listened to hundreds of their stories. You will find their stories sad, and you will find them intriguing. But most of all you will find the message that is meant for you to read

My books explain about death and dying and the afterlife. These are their stories, and this is their book

The Gift

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All My Books Are Unique

I have written over hundreds of Stories from all over world. And from all walks of life. 

I would like to tell you about books. As I have explained before in my first book – sleep Never Comes for Those That Did Not Reach The Other Side.’ –  That the stories came through while I was writing a shopping list. But it was much more than that, it was the beginning of an urge to fulfill an agreement with the other side.

I am not sure how long it will last and I am not sure whether I will ever finish telling their stories.  But I hope they never stop coming. I don’t know how to explain the gift; I just know it is from the other side.

My work and their stories are just the beginning.  I believe that someone much higher than I could ever imagine is giving me the ability to write their stories. I was told a long time ago that I would write a book and I have asked the good lord why me?’ The answer came back very quickly my guide told me, ‘the spirit people chose you.

 I am not quite sure how many stories are yet to come, but I do know that I have completed three books containing three hundred and eighty stories and they are still coming in from the other side.

The stories in the books are the most beautiful things that I have ever written. Yes, they are sad, but as I was told many times from the spirit world their stories are told to release them of their pain and anguish to find the peace that they so desperately need. I am not their judge just a storyteller and the listener. 

Somehow, somewhere, someone will remember these people and all the stories of long ago. Their stories are about them and about letting go and I sincerely believe that I have been blessed,’’ with this opportunity from the highest of the highest of the universe to help them to let go and move on.

 I kept my promise I have written 18 books and listened to hundreds of different stories from people all over the world and from all walks of life.’’ I am still writing and I pray to God that the stories keep coming. 

God bless them all.


  The Story Teller  

  Not In Stock at the moment                                              

They ask me, will there be a tomorrow. I tell them with all my heart, Yes.’’ there is always a tomorrow all you have to do is believe.
I listen to the dead as they tell me there stories. About their lives and death experiences.  ‘I listen to their cry’s to help them to cross over to the other side.
I have written hundreds of their stories, and I am still listening. And I thank them every day for the privilege of choosing me to tell their stories to.



Stories From The Other Side


   Not in Stock At The Moment


     I am The Soul Seeker, The Seeker Of Souls. My book is not about one story; there are many stories, about Love, hope, and forgiveness. 

It is about loss of a love one and hope for tomorrow.  It is about a miracle that happens every day.

But most of all, it is about moving forward after death.



The Dancing Butterfly


   Not in Stock At The Moment

This is a story about a little girl who loved butterflies, a grandmother who loved her granddaughter, and the old woman in the bookshop that picked that special book.

 These stories are about losing someone you love and learning how to cope again, and the hundreds of butterflies that made things possible.

This is just one of the stories in this book written by ultimate rating.