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Life After Death – knowledge of the afterlife.

Life after Death By Pam McCagh


Pam McCagh is an international psychic medium well known for her ability to contact the other side with the greatest of ease.

Life after death is one of the most talked-about subjects today. Pam McCagh explains life after death in her books written by automatic writing.

Pam McCagh has been working with the other side for many years now and has a great understanding of life after death.  



Do We Relive Our Life Again?


Do we go somewhere that we think we should go? No.’’ No, I say unto thee’’, we go to a place where we will relive memories of our life until our memories exist no more.

It is not complicated,’’ only when one makes it so.  We can return when we are called upon,’’ with no consequences of life and death.  A spec of memory returns, to comfort’ and to confirm the meaning of death and all it has foretold. 

As part of the souls, that never leaves its place of rebirth,’’ only part of the whole of time and all its existence of things that we can only dream of.  It is within a time frame,’’ of life that one cannot exist without the other.

 This and only this is thee time of all recognition.  Do we exist for existence only, or do we exist for completion of time itself?  Do our lives travel from time to time?  Or is it in existence only,’’ that we know of together with thoughts of life and all it holds to bring life and death to one place?

 To accept the acceptable,’’ of all life’s consequences.  Then and only then, can we go forward into time itself?   You once asked me,’’ when does life begin?  Is it when we take our first breath.’’ but that is not so.’’ life’ begins with one single memory.

 Remember when I told thee,’’ that our memories go forth with a great understanding of life and all it foretold.  Once again, we are in circumstances beyond our control,’’ for it is with great care and understanding that we hold both.’’ life and death with hope. Life After Death


My World

My world is a wonderful world. It is an enchanting world, which knows no boundaries it is life and death and circumstances beyond my control. Death is a rebirth a rebirth of souls, it is a place beyond comprehension, and it is a place of peace and understanding.

It is a time frame within the time frame of one second of one moment of life. That carries memories of life that we have lived time and time before.

The Gift. The Book American Awards, And these are the comments I received today and won 5 stars allowing the book to be entered into the American book awards


1 Reviews Life After Death Pam McCagh

The Gift is an interesting book and certainly provides plenty of food for thought. The ability to hear or see or communicate in any way with people who are no longer alive is something that only a few people claim to have. Pam has communicated with hundreds of such souls and thus each story is different and she shares and talks about different experiences. Pam writes in a clear, compassionate way and rightly observes that it is important to talk about death just as much as life because they are not that different. Whether one believes in supernatural phenomena or not, this is still an interesting book to read with plenty to think about.


2 Reviews

. Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan

The Gift by Pam McCagh is a fascinating book with a collection of stories told to the author by what she terms ‘The Whispering Souls.’ She calls it automatic writing and gives a peek into the lives of many – how they lived and how they died. The book tackles the topic of souls coming through and writing their own stories via the author’s pen and paper. Most of the time, along with their stories, these souls give messages to readers. The book is a good testimony to the fact that there are spirits and they do communicate with the living to give messages and tell their stories of life and death. All the stories shared in this book are beautiful, nothing has been changed by the author, and no two stories are the same.


3 Reviews

Entered The Gift to the American Readers. Book awards.

I have always been fascinated by books written on clairvoyance, mediums, and other topics related to conversing with spirits, and this book kept me and will keep all readers glued to it because of the topic. Not everyone can listen to spirits or hear their voices and the author uses her unique gift to convey many stories that will help readers realize that death is but a moment of time. The author has shared their stories with passion and dedication, that way giving a better perception about death. The stories will give readers the confidence to talk about living and dying and will encourage them to do so. This book will touch the hearts of readers in many ways because it is a book about memories of loved ones, their stories, loss, and love in lives, and about life and letting go. It also gives a peek into another dimension that exists beyond the human plane in a very interesting way.


4 Reviews The Gift Life After Death

Reviewed By Gisela Dixon

The Gift by Pam McCagh is a non-fiction book on the paranormal experiences of Pam, a psychic. In this book, she mainly details her experiences as a medium while communicating with dead people. The Gift starts off with a short introduction to the topic and subject matter and Pam explains her process. Her stories are through “automatic writing” or basically written as they came to her, whenever and however that might be. At such times, she is sometimes not even aware that she wrote certain things. This book contains many such stories of people who are no longer alive, but talk to Pam either to share, question, confess, or just express feelings, their lives, their memories of both life and death, and more. There are also links provided to access more information by Pam in this book.

 The Whispering Souls

Reviewed by the American readers. Reviewed By Lit Amri for the American Readers’

The stories told in The Whispering Souls are from departed ones made possible by author and medium Pam McCagh through her Automatic Writing. One aspect of the book that I love very much is Pam McCagh’s personal journeys through her gift that she included, just like she did in her previous book, Sleep Never Comes: For Those That Did Not Reach the Other Side and Can Butterflies Cry? In a way, readers can get to know Pam more and more through her books. In this sequel, Pam continues to tell her own stories along with the others, the spiritually psychedelic experiences with her guide Fred and other ethereal souls. The chapter, The Ways of Tomorrow, in my opinion, summarizes this perfectly. Her out-of-body experiences have important messages about life that we all could learn from and take as inspirations.

There is a story that is quite different from others – Please Can You Help Them? – As Pam herself admitted. Instead of being told a story to write, Pam has to aid some souls more than just through her writing gift. On the other hand, for those who are not familiar with the term Automatic Writing, chapters Molly and Automatic Writing will enlighten you as well as telling the stories behind Pam’s blessed gift. The anecdotes from the other side, including Pam’s own, are special. Once you start, you can’t read just one. They are like medications; healing soul-starved people in a world that is precarious and lacks spiritual enlightenment nowadays. These stories offer hope, courage, love, and motivation. They nourish the soul. This is a must book to buy.


Memories From The Past

Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford For the American Readers

Memories From The Past by Pam McCagh is a collection, a potpourri of short stories, random and not so random journeys with those that have not yet crossed over. Pam writes these stories as they are told to her,

Spiritually. They come to her quite unexpectedly, like the time she was talking to her son on the phone and had to put him on hold when a story quite literally popped into her head. The stories reveal people, real people, who recently passed away or who passed away a long time ago and were just waiting for something extraordinary to happen that would allow them to journey to the other side.

For example, the young mother who gave up her baby, knowing that she was dying. The mother returns as a spirit when the child is older and experiences the joy of realizing that in life her difficult decision was the right one. Pam believes that “no two people travel the same journey; and that the journey is how things were on earth. A journey until death calls.”

She has witnessed these stories as they were revealed to her and she hopes that by sharing them with others, she will, in effect, be helping others understand a bit better the world of the living and … the other side…. Life After death

There are essentially two realms of existence: the realm of the living and …. The other side. It’s a state of relativity and timelessness, a state which boggles the mind and few people can, or even attempt to comprehend. It makes one wonder, “Does time stand still?”

There is certainly a sense of disconnect between the two realms, and, as an author, Pam McCagh, points out, “You have to have an open mind. In all things connected with the spirit world, there are so many different things happening.” This is an interesting and yet somewhat odd potpourri of short stories delving into the realm of life after death. This book is defiantly a book to read.


Will This Be My last Book?

 I don’t know whether this will be my last book, or not. I said that when I did my first book and I am still writing today I am on my 21 book.

I have learnt so much since I have had my experience of life and death.  I believe I survived death to tell their stories, and I have listened to hundreds and I sincerely hope that there are many more to come.

But today I am going to try to tell you how it works, you have to have faith but more important.  You have to learn to listen.  Not like when you’re talking to someone listening to the radio or the television or on the phone.  It’s a different kind of listening.

 It is fine-tuning listening.  It’s about closing your eyes and your mind and searching for that line. It is like a silver thread that connects you from this world to their world.  Sometimes it is very difficult to understand.  I suppose I take it for granted now because I have done it so many times, I must admit the first few times was quite difficult and most of the times you put your own thoughts in and not there’s.

I have learnt that the first thought is their thoughts, and the second thought is mine I work with memories.  Their memories.  Their memories of life and death.

It is easy to say but it takes a long time to hold everything together.  You’ have to listen and have faith, and most important your guide. He is there to guide you along the lines and sometimes when I’m listening and I’m sending out my energy, Sometimes things can get confused, but with the help of my guides, I can’t go wrong.

 I have learned now to sit and wait when I first started writing my first book my guide Fred told me to sit at the office desk and wait.  I close my eyes and asked him how many people are here to tell me their stories.

 I reminded him that I have written seven stories thinking to myself, what a lot of stories. While I was waiting.  I asked my Fred is there many more people waiting to tell me their stories.

 Fred told me to turn around and look I opened my eyes and turned around in my office chair and all of a sudden my house come alive with people.

 there was one lady sitting there twiddling with a piece of material, there was a lady holding up a letter and waving it to me, there was one lady so sad holding out her baby, I could hear her cries and some of them just looked at me and smiled.

I thought it was going to affect me, but for some reason, it didn’t. I just let my mind wanders to each person that was waiting most of them were soldiers with their hat in their hand, some was turning the hat around and just staring into space.

 Others were sat back and looking towards where I was sitting, everyone was waiting it was a cry for help.  I looked over to my Fred.  I said so many, how will I know which stories you choose? Fred told me it will not be your choice, it will be their choice. They will come to you when it’s time for them to reach out.

 I sat back in my chair and waited.  And I am still doing the same today I wait. I have listened to so many stories, some of their stories were beautiful, some very sad.  Some I will take with me on my journey when I leave this world.

 I’m sure there will be many more stories and many ways to understand life after death.  They showed me that all things were possible to reach the other side.  They showed me places I could never imagine in my wildest dreams, and they are still teaching me today.

So with my work you have to have patience and understanding. I can tell you honestly I was not the type of person to have patience, but there are two kinds, one for this world, and one for the next.

Fred taught me to understand the souls that came to tell their stories.  He taught me the different ways of guiding them through.  Most of all, he taught me the ways of getting their confidence because no matter how you try.  If a soul doesn’t feel comfortable with you.  They will not tell you their story, although they need to tell that story to let go of this world.  They also are afraid.

They have taught me everything I know and if I don’t know it.  My guide will come in and help me.  They have never let me down.

 I remember Fred’s word.  Always write their stories with simplicity.  They have come to tell you their stories to help them. So please give time to understand. Also, have to learn that they need guidance to communicate with me also.  There is always someone on the other side that will help them.

  Their stories are so beautiful within 1 to 7 or 11 pages and their stories are complete. But the most beautiful thing occurs once they have told their story and their family has come to meet them to take them across.  I cannot really explain what happens.  It’s like everything goes bright and takes over the room and that gives me the ability to see completely everything around me, and everything I see seems to stand still, with nothing surrounding me I can see the people that am helping to cross over. Then there is music, and a beautiful feeling of contentment surrounds me that you cannot explain.  And then you are left with emptiness as soon as I sit back in my chair and I feel lost and lonely.

Then someone taps me on the shoulder and I’m off again listening to another story.  People ask me all the time do I get depressed?  I say no way in this world I would get depressed listening to their stories.

 They are so beautiful and intriguing fascinating.  I can’t put all that into an explanation. You read for yourself, then you can tell me what you get out of their stories. They are their stories they don’t have to prove anything because that is not what they came for.  They came for help to let go of this world and to join their family and friends in the next.

I know I have such a lot more to learn, and I hope I have the time.

I have had many happy hours with my guides and my Fred always manages to make me laugh. The story I remember was my first teaching was by the graveside.  I learned so much from that story there were many, many more stories to follow each story taught me something.

When a person comes through, I see them first, then sometimes I smell different smells if somebody’s died and they a smoked, the cigarette smoke comes through. I see what they look like they take me along when they tell me a there story.  I go to all the places that they’ve been I meet the people that they’ve met.  I’ve waited with them when they’ve waited for that final farewell.

 I have been with some of them when they’ve held their husband or wife in their arms and I felt the love that they felt.  I also feel the sadness that they feel also when they first come in. the feeling of being lost and lonely and not knowing how to take that first step.  That is the saddest part.

 Once I can get them talking and I give them confidence in me sometimes and is very difficult.  I listen to their stories and sometimes I am astounded how the story finishes.  I step back from the computers and I think I would never have thought that story would have finished like that, but it is their story and I love working with them, and I hope we will go on together.

I have tried to cover a few other things in this book and I’ve tried to explain things that sometimes it is very difficult to explain, but if you read my books you will understand. The stories are beautiful.  And I love every story.

I remember when I first wrote my first book sleep never comes, I went to a designer and I just couldn’t get the picture out of  my head that they were trying to tell me the book should look like,  so I left it with the people, but I was never really satisfied with it, and it was so expensive.

 One day while sitting at the computer and it was my third book, Fred could see that I was getting stressed out trying to find someone to design my book.

 Fred stood behind me saying let’s do this together I turned my chair around to the computer started with a black page, and finish with a beautiful cover.  God knows how I did it and I have been doing my own cover ever since.  So the covers that you see on my books are the covers that myself and my Fred have put together, we had lots of fun doing it Pam.


My Books on Life After Death

When I first started writing stories’ I thought that there were only going to be a few, But I was wrong. I have listened to over 750 of their stories and I am still listening.These are their stories and these are their books.

 Written By Automatic Writing. By Pam McCagh.


Connecting to the Energy Field


They also taught me how to work with energy between my world and their world, I ask for a certain type of energy to move the table and the table moves beautifully.  I do use the table for messages from people from the inside. But now and again.  I like the energy to be happy so I change the energy.

  I invite people around and I show them how the table can move around the room with just a small amount of effort . while their hands are still on the table  I take mine away.  Just to prove I am not making the table move whatsoever.

This always brings a gasp of excitement but most of all, it gives them an understanding of life and death. It teaches them that the energy the they use is the energy that they use themselves come through.


I am also a Teacher.



 These Are Some Of The Things, That I Teach

 Life Life After  Death

Tarot Cards.

  I Will Teach You How To Read Every Type Of Tarot Card With Simplicity.



I Will Teach You The Way To Read VibrationsHow The Wave  Sound Comes Into Form Pictures In Your Mind.


Stone Readings.

 And How To Read ‘Just Ordinary Stones Picked Up From The Beach.


Candle Reading.


I Will Teach You How To Read With Candles. Bringing In The Vibrant Colours Of The Universe


Photograph Readings.

 Learn How To Read What Is In And Behind A Photograph


Flower  Readings

Flower Reading Is A Beautiful Experience.It Teaches Us About Life’s Experiences


Crystal Ball

We Don’t Always See What We Want To See,



Take A Look Inside The Promises Of Tomorrow To Find The Answers Of Today


Telephone readings From the Soul

This Is The Ways Of Tomorrow For our loved Ones To hear our call


Healing With The Mind,   Different Ways We Can Use The Mind


 The Talking Table

The Beautiful Extra Ordinary Moving Table The Energy Of Life     


Platform   Medium ship.

The final step

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