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This is another of Cloases predictions


I called upon
thee does though not hear mine voice call thee, then why does it takerth thee
two and twenty days to answer me .why then do you call to me now.

I have spoken
many times before all that matters is now. The future is many times away the waters
have come like I promised and for the moment once more the earth will once more
become balanced.

But not for long for mankind is destroying the
world by himself. Look for the aerial planes with blue wings it is a sign that
all must end all and new things will begin.

Sorrow becomes to thee and you shall hear my
voice once more 27 becomes darkness and once more you will travel through the
lightness of time itself not in conclusions   with live

Take back
today what you can giveth  tomorrow for
 tomorrow we go forth in all things must yee Endeavor to conquer  for
the future of all mankind  look
once more to the south for it calls you 1 and twenty times. Rains will once
more confront the earth and cries will surely follow

A passing of time is called for, for it is for calling mankind to order but not all will listen
to the wise one so be it I say unto thee

Snow like ash
once more converge the earth and winds of a high altitude will surely follow

You ask me of time itself I say to thee follow thin own soul Pamela. And all will be well.



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