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7/2 /2010– Oases Come all yee may

Come all ye may
that this is a call to the universe.

12 months will
pass before light is not light, like shadows will form in the sky and all
mankind will hear my words. For this is the last time I will call upon thee,
Black lava will spill without warning.

Night will
become day, and all within will be called upon; the sky will become the
colour of the universe, red and orange. Still no one will heed thy words.

Water will become
plentiful, but it is not water to drink, Gray will take over the sky’s once
more, and the universe will heed my words once more, thousands of birds
will fall from the sky, seven it has been told, and seven will heed my words no
more for then and only then people will listen to the winds of time.

The Earth is
coming unbalanced, holes was will no longer be empty, rain will balance the
world  once more, we cannot move parts of the earth with little or no
consequences to put into place.

What must then
concur for this is the only thing that God has left to call upon, The world and
all its folly, much rain will come to places never before seen,   for rain
and rain only will fill the holes that mankind has left with little
understanding of the universe.


Please click on the line below for facts.

This was a prediction and now it is a fact.





Should I of told you something of past lives recalls, that once was, but is no more;

Or should I have told you of things that is now, that is easy  predictable.

No sayeth I, it is now that I be answered to thee;

Followers of men will be recalled for knowledge of all the catastrophe’s for naught did understand my words;

I cometh to thee with wisdom in mind;

Three days and three months will pass and once more the Toroth of time will be amongst thee;

The seas will once more arise from the skies, and naught will concord my words, once more I sayeth to thee;

Your world is at the beginning of self destruction. And naught will withstand the changes.

Look back not forward for your follies in two and 20 months I sayeth;

The tide will turn once more and give black to the earth what it has taken;

Then once more mankind will heed my words, for the words are from someone much higher than I;

Once more man will live with mankind in mind;

And the world will be once more be at peace. ??





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