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Pam explains how she writes books through channelling. I listen to the dead, telling me their stories of their life and death experiences. I have listened to over 750 individual people. I see hear and feel them.

Life After Death


These are some of the beautiful orbs you will see in and around my home.  This particular video.  I was waiting for a friend to arrive and left the door open, it is a good way to take video because you can see everything so you there is nothing hidden.  I hope you enjoy this video.

Pam talking about who you should or should not let in through your door.  This means when you are connecting to the other side.  Be careful who you allow to come in if you are not qualified psychic.  Then, you do not know how to control spirits from the other side.  There is good and bad everywhere.  But you certainly do not want them in and around your home.


Pam giving a short demonstration on how energy reading is work. Once you pick that had up from the person you after act quickly because the message comes in so fast. You have to get the message out to the person that it is meant for.


Now this is really spooky.

This is what I call connecting to the other side with energy.

It is like turning the lights for a football match. The energy is so strong they allow me to use there energy to move the table.
I call it the talking table because I mostly use it for connecting to loved ones from the other side.

But I decided to have a few people around and change the energy. Sometimes we need light-hearted energy that gives of a laugh and good feelings
and this was the day. So I hope you enjoy watching the videos. If you would like to comment or ask questions, please do so.

Regards Pam.







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