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Life After Death by Pam McCagh

Reviewers Comments

Death Comes With No Choice by Pam McCagh gives readers a nuanced view of death and confirms its inevitable presence in our lives. The author clears many doubts surrounding the myth of what happens after we die by exploring death in a way that helps readers to appreciate life in general.
Death and its facts have always been surrounded with a lot of arguments and controversies, but the author teaches us to look at it in a different light altogether, and embrace what is inevitable. In this interesting book, the author exposes many myths surrounding death, angels, crossing over and much more with the help of the stories, which have been told to her by the beautiful souls around her.
All the stories have been written by automatic writing, which also reveals the author’s ability to connect with the spirit world. Her spiritual powers make the stories genuine and effective.
The book connects us between the two spectrums and helps us to have a better understanding about life, death, and consciousness. It is an assimilation of spirituality teemed with science whereby the author has made it easier for readers to comprehend the theme. The stories help readers to have a better understanding of the larger picture and cosmic law.
It is a fascinating book that raises your awareness surrounding death and it helps us look at the inevitable with a different perspective and with acceptance.

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for the 2014 Book Awards

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