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The Whispering Souls


The Whispering Souls

By Pam McCagh

Reviewed by Lit Amri’ for Readers’ Favorite.

The stories told in The Whispering Souls are from departed ones made possible by author and medium Pam McCagh through her Automatic Writing. One aspect of the book that I love very much is Pam McCAGH’ s personal journeys through her gift that she included, just like she did in her previous books, Sleep Never Comes: For Those That Did Not Reach The Other Side and Can Butterflies Cry? In a way, readers can get to know Pam more and more through her books. In this sequel, Pam continues to tell her own stories along with the others, the spiritually psychedelic experiences with her guide Fred and other ethereal souls. The chapter, The Ways of Tomorrow, in my opinion, summarizes this perfectly. Her out-of-body experiences have important messages about life that we all could learn from and take as inspirations. There is a story that is quite different from others – Please Can You Help Them? – as Pam herself admitted. Instead of being told a story to write, Pam has to aid some souls more than just through her writing gift. On the other hand, for those who are not familiar with the term Automatic Writing, chapters Molly and Automatic Writing will enlighten you as well as telling the stories behind Pam’s blessed gift. The anecdotes from the other side, including Pam’s own, are special. Once you start, you can’t read just one. They are like medications; healing soul-starved people in a world that is precarious and lacks spiritual enlightenment nowadays. These stories offer hope, courage, love, and motivation. They nourish the soul.