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This came through today while I was writing 29/6/2017

Was it not I that told thee the ways of tomorrow and did I not tell  you come forth with all that I betold thee.

Was it in a moment of your time, to travel where your mind has traveled before to the universe of minds, and all expectations, to govern those that are sick of truth to hold all true identities. The seas, are being poisoned, and will not return.

 The Earth has been drenched with chemicals, with untold Magnums of self-destruction.

All eternity will hear my words, for what is to conceded, no man will endure. February, I say unto thee, with all tensegrity.  Wars will concur Weapons of mass destruction will conquer the earth; wars of words will surely follow.

 but No man of persons shall hear my words or understand the consequences of mankind.  It is without gains that I speak for you to hear the wisdom of the Lord.

 Set yourself aside for it is surely coming.  There is a build-up of energy on the top and bottom of the universe.  That is why I speak of a clash within three decades of mankind.

Saying that balance of life belongs to no man.  We cannot speak within the realms of harks, It is the wisdom of all.   Know that without a doubt, that you have heard the wisdom of the Lord. Be it known that words have been spoken Through Christ, the law of the Spirit who gives life has set you free from the law of sin and death.  For what the law of the land was powerless to do.


This is another of Cloases predictions



Look after my world and your world with kindness in mind,


20/12 was not about the end of the world, it is about changes.

Floods, earthquakes, diseases, birds, and fish will die in their thousands.

Volcanos will erupt with no fortification.

A collecting of collection of energy of communication will create the downfall of mankind.

There will be a huge breakdown above, and beyond the earth; the seas will engulf the creations of mankind., With little ‘or no bridges to cross.

I speak of many things to come, once again, I say unto thee look to the North, as this is where your destiny lies.




Good morning Pamela,

It has been many days since we communicated. I can
understand your reluctance to give out the information that I be told thee. But
naught matters, we have spoken of many things and each time my calculations
were correct. The mountains of snow, that which was not cold but ash that would
fall from the sky, the fire under the ice, the thousands of birds that would
fall from the skies, and the floods; But none would heed my words. Once more we
will talk of events in the future of your world. Much lightning will appear in
the sky, multitudes of energy will collect and a force never before will be seen.

The force will be so great that connection of
collections of information between countries will be no more. The universe will
go into ponder of Confusion and retrograde will surely follow. There will be a
huge amount of forced energy from the bottom of the world which will connect
with the higher universe to cause frictions off an unbelievable damage. Within
two years it is predicted as the people on earth did not listen to what I asked.

The water will flow and fill the gaps as I
predicted, the gaps that mankind has made. You cannot take out of the earth
without putting something back it is as simple as that. September I say unto
thee, will be a following of darkness in preparation of the summit and the
winds of time will once more heed my words.

April I say unto thee will be another catastrophe
of the folly of mankind for power. They will be man against man but naught will
be achieved. I told you before that mankind would destroy its own world. The
food that we eat will be contaminated through the falling of waters of high

Do not worry, Pamela if you cannot reach others. It
does not matter now but it will surely happen.


This is a link to the thousands of birds that fell from the sky