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Life After DeathLife After Death – knowledge of the afterlife.

Life after death is one of the most talked-about subjects today.

Pam McCagh is an international psychic medium well known for her ability to contact the other side with the greatest of ease.

Pam McCagh explains life after death in her books written by automatic writing.

Pam McCagh has been working with the other side for many years now and has a great understanding of the after life.  

Contact Pam McCagh today – knowledge of the afterlife.


My World

My world is a wonderful world. It is an enchanting world, which knows no boundaries it is life and death and circumstances beyond my control. Death is a rebirth a rebirth of souls, it is a place beyond comprehension, and it is a place of peace and understanding.

It is a time frame within the time frame of one second of one moment of life. That carries memories of life that we have lived time and time before.

The Gift. The Book American Awards, And these are the comments I received today and won 5 stars allowing the book to be entered into the American book awards.

Do We Relive Our Life Again?

Do we go somewhere that we think we should go? No.’’ No, I say unto thee’’, we go to a place where we will relive memories of our life until our memories exist no more.

It is not complicated,’’ only when one makes it so.  We can return when we are called upon,’’ with no consequences of life and death.  A spec of memory returns, to comfort’ and to confirm the meaning of death and all it has foretold. 

As part of the souls, that never leaves its place of rebirth,’’ only part of the whole of time and all its existence of things that we can only dream of.  It is within a time frame,’’ of life that one cannot exist without the other.