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A Class Room for Psychic Abilities

A Class Room for Psychic Abilities

Every One has The ability You Just Have to What It with Your Soul

Psychic workshop


 Pam from England

 Develop your psychic ability.


Learn to Connect to your guides,


                                                  Energy Readings with the tarot cards

                                               Flower Reading


                                        Sensing spirit

                                       Charcoal drawings, Colour energy


                                         The Talking Table.

                                   Limited Seats  available 

                                   Enquiries 0450103578


                       PAM McCAGH

                         INTERNATIONAL  AND PSYCHIC MEDIUM

                    I have been a Medium all my life.

                  My grandmother was a medium and

                  my mother was the best Medium that I have ever seen.

            All my readings are done with psychic energy.

                        MY READINGS ARE DONE BY

                The tarot cards



                            I AM A TEACHER OF PSYCHIC ABILITIES

                       I TEACH IN BOTH ENGLAND

                       AND AUSTRALIA.

                  Card readings by psychic energy

                 Healing with mind energy

                     Connecting to your guides

              Photograph readings

                 Sensing your abilities

            Ribbon readings

             Candle readings

             Tea leaf reading

               Flower reading



               Crystal ball

           And of course

                 the talking table.


            Pam is available for psychic shows

Her unique style offers an enlightening evening of entertainment

at a lightning speed known as psychic energy readings.


is also known as

The Dream Catcher

The Interpreter of Dreams.






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