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This is the lady I spoke to this morning. 

Dearest  Pam

 I cannot thank you enough for taking the time this morning to make the most amazing connection to my loved one. 

The things you  new and the answers I obtained definitely contributes to slowly obtaining closure.

 the message from my partner about his children and myself was heart-warming within themselves.  You are truly a blessing and I again can’t thank you enough for the most amazing experience  this morning.

Much love Taylor Amhart 


 The Gift Of Automatic Writing

 I was given, it as a gift from the other side, a long time ago.  For me, if I can explain it;   I was 28-year-old when I took an overdose I was known as a flat liner.  I crossed over and came back.

It was not until three years later that I released I had been given the gift, the gift to listen to the souls that could not pass over or did not want to pass over.

I connect to a very thin line of communication; the thread connects me to the soul that cries out for help from the other side.

How it works is, I can be anywhere any place.  I feel the need to let my soul wonder and reach out to somebody somewhere.

 I do always understand why or where,   and then I get a vision.  then everything comes into my mind like a picture book, turning very fast.

 I see the person that wants to connect with me.  I sit and listen to their story writing down Word for Word, I have written over 750 stories and I have written 20 books.

It is a beautiful gift, and I wish I could do more, some of the stories in the book are heartbreaking, and some of them are beautiful love stories. And some you will remember the rest of your life  And no two stories are similar in any way.

 I am their storyteller and these are their stories and their books


 Talking to Flo from the other side.

Getting up early this morning, I went to get the cups and saucers from the cupboard in my workroom.

After carefully laying them out, I looked at the beautiful set of cups and saucers that I was given.. from a friend.  I walk back into my living room, and as most people know, I have an infrared camera in my workroom.

  I could not believe the beautiful orbs that were wandering around in theirs.

 I stopped for the moment and thought, where have all these beautiful Orbs come from.  Then I remembered the beautiful china that I was given.

 I walk back into my workroom and started to talk, I have a lady called Flow, she had two children and passed away with tummy problems.  She also has a connection with September whether it was her birthday or the month she passed away.  And at the time she hoped that she would make Christmas because Christmas for her was something special to her family other than Christmas time.

   She told me that the tea set was hers, and her mother used to sit on the veranda with her special cups and saucers, that her mother had brought from England.

 I asked if she minded me having them she said, not at all.  But, asked for permission to wander through, my open garden.  I told I would love to talk to her again.  She said that she is going to bring her daughter with her then she was gone.

She must have a connection to somebody coming to the open garden day.

These are some of the things that happen in my world. because the cups and saucers belong to Flo a long time ago, and she had the connection to them.

  I am looking forward to meeting her again.  God bless them.


Reviewed By the American Readers

A Letter of Hope by Pam McCagh is a collection of heart-warming stories. These emotionally beautiful stories are about real life people who have lost loved ones.  Sometimes their loved ones have been gone for a short time; others have lost their loved ones many years ago.  Often their loss was due to an unexpected tragedy; other times due to illness.  No matter if, the deceased person was a spouse, a child or a friend, the deceased was one who had been dearly loved, and is missed by someone.  The author tells how she is able to put people in touch with the spirits of their lost loved ones, even if it is just for a significant moment in their lives. Sometimes the surviving loved one wants to be put in touch with the deceased, perhaps to ask forgiveness. Other times the deceased wants to be put in touch with the living.

This beautiful collection of short stories is one that is sure to tug at your heart strings. The stories are easy to read and ones that people everywhere who have had friends, family or loved ones pass on, as most of us have, can relate to, making this book hard to put down. The stories offer a message of courage and hope for those who are in mourning. It leaves the reader feeling full of hope that they may one day see their loved one again.  I recommend A Letter of Hope by Pam McCagh to readers everywhere, especially to those mourning the loss of a loved one.


I have just finished reading the book “Death Comes With No Choice” by Pam McCagh and feel Pam has developed a gift for making contact with “the other side”. Being able to retell their stories by automatic writing  and  express their feelings in such an amazing way makes you wish that we all were able to share in this gift. Many of the stories relate to how some poor soul has been mistreated by a loved one or has suffered terribly at their hand, but some are uplifting at the same time.

 3 stories I found particularly enthralling were

 “The Pillow”  in which you felt the sense of loss, betrayal, anger and the many unanswered questions.

How does one deal with the loss of a loved one? Finally the forgiveness and acceptance as one passes to the light.

 “Was it Just a Moment Ago” a poignant story about loss, reunion and then moving on together.

 “The Piano Lesson” what a wonderful story and one that many people would believe improbable. How are we to know unless we too have had something unexplained happen to us at some time? I really enjoyed this story as the thought that our loved ones are never far away and are able to provide help and guidance in our lives from beyond the grave leaves me with the belief that we will all be reunited when our time comes.

 There are many things in life that can never be explained by logic, sometimes we have to trust and believe.

  Lee H  xx                                                       


 Dear Pam,

Thank you….You are the real deal, I thank you for giving me the opportunity to connect with my daughter who passed last year.  I have been grieving immensely and have been asking her for a sign that she is OK.

my mother spotted your advertisement and i emailed you, followed up by a call, you channelled into energies straight away, one of them was a man bringing forward a girl, who turned out to be my daughter, i believe the male was her late uncle that passed away a few years prior. She kept a photo of him after his passing on her desk.

 You described her so accurately, that i knew that you were talking to her or sensing her energy,I am  not sure how it works, but I knew it was her and there was no way you would know these private details.

I was able to get some answers that i was looking for and my daughter was able to give me messages that she needed to. It is something that you cannot put a price on for a mother who has lost a child, i am a bit more at peace knowing those details, knowing that she is happy and being looked after by my family, I am no longer in the anguish because of our session, you have a gift, and that gift has given me something so precious that words could not even give it justice.  I recommend to any mothers out there who are alone, in pain from the grief, to contact Pam, just to communicate with your child that you have lost helps tremendously. I feel blessed to have had that opportunity…thank you so much Pam.


Kind Regards, Emma.



Book Award Contest

Congratulations on being chosen and won an Winner! Award From the American Readers book awards.


“Sleep Never Comes: For Those that Did Not Reach the Other Side” is a novel that comprises of many short stories by Pam McCagh, a gifted medium that communicates with the other world through Automatic Writing. The stories are not like any other short stories out there; they are stories told by people who exist between the living world and the hereafter.
In this matter, sometimes I’m a believer that there are more to this life than the world we are living in. At other times, my belief is just that “When I’m dead, I’m dead.” But this book will inspire the readers more about life as a whole, not just about the afterlife. It is about love, of a man, woman, father, son, daughters, and all people from all walks of life. It is also about courage, regrets, and everything that makes us human. Pam McCagh writes the stories according to what the spirits told her, so her tone and style vary to capture the reader’s attention or to tell the stories in the best manner possible. It is as though these stories are written by different people. There is also a nostalgic quality to the writing, mainly because the stories are from the past. I can’t choose any story as my favourite, because I really do like them all. As far as I’m concerned, there is no story that is more interesting than others. They are different in their own way, but similar at the same time. Put your sceptical mind aside and read the book for the inspiration that it has to offer.

By Pam McCagh Short Story – Non Fiction


My name is Roger My wife and I own Howe Natural Holistic Wellness Center in Dunsborough,) we were happy to stock Pam’s books

Sleep Never Comes for Those That Did Not Reach the Other Side

During Pam’s second visit we were fortunate enough to be invited to a Psychic Night, hosted by Pam, in the latter part of 2011. We were, all hoping for a few moments of Pam’s time; a personal reading seemed to be the objective of everyone present. Pam was amazing as she buzzed from person to person sharing details that were obviously accurate to the person involved. I felt some trepidation when Pam stopped in front of my chair; this was to be my first psychic reading experience!

My mother is about to celebrate her 100th birthday and whilst we have always been extremely close, she has never really been a demonstrative person. I was amazed how quickly Pam tuned in and asked “who is Dorothy” and “what is important about February”? Well, Dorothy is my Mum and February is her birth month.

It was apparent to Pam that Mum was having some worries and wasn’t easily able to communicate them directly with me. As a result of Pam’s information, I was able to broach the subject with my Mum and resolve it for her, much to her relief. Whilst I found Pam’s information really intriguing, it was a great comfort to know that she was able to help Mum in such a way. My psychic skepticism has now vanished!

Pam’s books as been a given as a gift to family and friends. It has brought much comfort and the feedback has been extremely positive. We look forward to more compelling stories from Pam’s spiritual storytellers.

Thanks Pam.
 For the comfort and awareness you give to my wife Jenny and myself, Roger Howe,

I am sorry to say Roger passed away.

God bless you Love you so Much Pam xxx



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