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The life of a psychic

When meeting authors for the first time for an interview I usually wait at a table in a local cafe with their book in clear view. Occasionally I’m tempted to say “I’ll be the lady wearing the red carnation and carrying a copy of The Times.” This time I forgot to leave any sign to indicate my journalistic intentions. I was rather enjoying my coffee and scones too much.

“You must be Heather,” uttered a voice beside me.

The shock of being caught by an author with my mouth full of scones and cream prevented any enquiry as to how on earth she knew it was me. But I was to learn that this was no ordinary author.

Pam McCagh is a psychic. In England she is also known as the Dream Catcher or Pam from England. An international clairvoyant, McCagh works in both England and Australia with television, radio and charities, helping to connect people with their loved ones.

Born in Leeds, England, McCagh had a near death experience during an attempted suicide. She was 28 at the time. It was during this experience McCagh believes she crossed to “the other side”. From that moment her psychic abilities grew and she now believes she can hear and feel those of the spirit world.

Today we’re meeting for a different reason – ghost writing, or automatic writing to be more precise.

McCagh, who confesses to have no experience or knowledge of book publishing, has penned Sleep Never Comes: for those that did not reach the other side. Written in just nine weeks, Sleep Never Comes is a compilation of stories from lost souls that have not crossed over to the other side after death.

“I was told a long time ago that I would write a book,” laughs McCagh, “which was so funny as I wouldn’t know where to start.”

The psychic now has many more books of similar stories – and there is still more to come.

“It’s just such an unusual feeling that comes over me,” she says, explaining how she hears their stories.

“I just have to stop everything and write.”

Some of the stories found in Sleep Never Comes are difficult to read. Like The Whisperer, which tells the story of a little boy trying to save his dying mother. Or the tiny girl still waiting for her mother to return from a train crash in Waiting for Mummy. There are some stories of hope such as The Post Box, which sees a terminally ill woman refusing to commit to her fiance. The Sergeant and His Men and Who Will Tell my Wife give a moving account of the last moments of the war dead.

You don’t need to be a believer to enjoy Sleep Never Comes, but it helps to have an open mind to consider its possibilities. For anyone who has lost a loved one, it’s comforting to know that there are people like Pam McCagh telling their stories.

Once the interview was complete, McCagh turned and said that when she heard about our meeting, she wrote my description on a slip of paper. It was shown to me. Out of the ten or so characteristics at least eight were spot on. My age and my “chubbiness” a dead give away – not helped, of course, by my consumption of the scones and cream.

For more information and to purchase a copy of Sleep Never Comes ($25) visit
by Heather Zubek  West Australian News


Hi Pam

This is to say a huge thank you for all of the information you have given me in my reading but what is even more gorgeous is how you try to answer a question (very accurately) when i ring you even though you have a person waiting.I just cant believe how accurate you are and how much i have enjoyed the reading with you.

with much love and thankfulness  anna

Message Body:

Hi Pam,

Just wanted to say thanks again for the workshop you did in Dunsborough, I enjoyed it so much and didn’t want to leave, besides the fact that my boy was in hospital I reckon I would have stayed bit longer to have a chat. P.s. he is mending well. I really love the way you work with spirit and connect with them,

Any way, i hope you are going to come down here again, I think out of all the people i have done workshops with i really felt a strong connection with and too you. really comfortable and would love to be able to be taught more by you and work with you in my learning. Hope you enjoyed the coarse as much as everyone else did. and i definatly did. love to you Monica


Dear Pam,

Thanks very much for having myself, Cheryl and Lee-anne in your beautiful home for your workshop. I found the talking table absolutely facinating.

I am thrilled to  have  met you.

Lesley  Mindarie


My name is Roger My wife and I own Howe Natural Holistic Wellness Centre in Dunsborough,) we were happy to stock Pam’s book’ Sleep Never Comes for Those That Did Not Reach the Other Side


During Pam’s second visit we were fortunate enough to be invited to a Psychic Night, hosted by Pam, in the latter part of 2011. We were, all hoping for a few moments of Pam’s time; a personal reading seemed to be the objective of everyone present. Pam was amazing as she buzzed from person to person sharing details that were obviously accurate to the person involved. I felt some trepidation when Pam stopped in front of my chair; this was to be my first psychic reading experience!


My mother is about to celebrate her 100th birthday and whilst we have always been extremely close, she has never really been a demonstrative person. I was amazed how quickly Pam tuned in and asked “who is Dorothy” and “what is important about February”? Well, Dorothy is my Mum and February is her birth month.


It was apparent to Pam that Mum was having some worries and wasn’t easily able to communicate them directly with me. As a result of Pam’s information, I was able to broach the subject with my Mum and resolve it for her, much to her relief. Whilst I found Pam’s information really intriguing, it was a great comfort to know that she was able to help Mum in such a way. My psychic scepticism has now vanished!


Pam’s book as been a given as a gift to family and friends. It has brought much comfort’ and the feedback has been extremely positive. We look forward to more compelling stories from Pam’s spiritual storytellers.

Thanks Pam.

For the comfort and awareness’ you give to my wife Jenny and myself, Roger Howe




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