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The Rose Story


A Miracle I Will Always Remember.

 This is why I love my garden. I would like to tell you about the wonderful experience I had with my garden, we met some wonderful people in Perth I Invited them down whenever they wanted to come. 

A week later I received a phone call asking if they could call in for coffee as they were on the there way to see their mother. She explained that her mother was suffering from Alzheimer’s and she was getting quite worried.

We made arrangements for two o’clock the following day.  I opened my door the woman stood there, I have a problem.  Pam. Do you mind if I bring my mother, as I cannot take her back until four o’clock.  I told the woman, not to worry.

 She wheeled the wheelchair through the back gate into my garden; he husband walked in and sat beside her while we went inside to make coffee, and cut the cake.

 We were so busy talking when I heard a banging on the back door.  Come quickly her husband said.  I cannot believe what is happening.

 I open the sliding door stepping outside and there was the most beautiful sight  I had ever seen. The husband was trying to explain what had happened, I stopped him by putting my fingers up to my mouth and asking him to shush,  don’t disturb her.

she had got up out of the chair and walk towards the beautiful red rose.  We could not believe what we were seeing; it took her quite a long time to make the small journey across with both hands reaching out to touch the rose.

 She finally got there and held the rose between her hands gently bending down to smell the rose.  She was unaware that we were watching.

All she could see was the rose, she stood there for a few seconds more. Then turning around and walked back to her chair sitting down with a bang.

 Not once speaking one single word, but with a beautiful smile on the face said everything.  I looked towards the woman.  I watched the tears running down her cheeks.  The man standing beside his wife said he had never seen anything so wonderful in his life.  He said he had watched her pushing on the side of the chair to stand up, he had watched her looking towards the rose for quite some time, he said I just sat back and watched, his wife said.  What if she had fallen, he told her.  I don’t know why, but I knew that she wouldn’t.

 Every step she took was a milestone for her, her mind was set on the rose.  Shuffling herself along very slowly She never said a word; I placed the cup and the cake on the table.  Her husband repeated again saying he had never had such a wonderful experience in his life, seeing the wonderful sight of his mother-in-law standing up to smell the rose.

 That was the main topic for the afternoon.  But I will never forget their faces or mine.  The red rose that she held so gently in her hands blooms beautifully every year.  Sometimes when I have a quiet moment, my mind goes back to that one special moment, I will never forget. 

She passed away not long after.  Sometimes I can see and sense her wandering around my garden smelling the Ross’s   and I swear I could hear that special shuffling along the paths..




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